Our Current Textbook as of July 2013:

Preliminary (Unedited) Fourth Edition:

Salt Lake Community College Edition (a modified version of the 3rd Edition textbook):

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For printed copies of our textbooks, click on the link: Stitz Zeager Textbooks on Lulu.com

FAQ for Printed Editions:

1. These editions are offered royalty free. We make no money on these printed editions.

2. Because of #1, we are unable to provide printed review copies.

NEW! Free printed desk copies are available to Verified Teachers on openintro.org. To apply for verification, you may register an account on openintro.org.

3. Lulu.com is a print-on-demand publisher, so it can take 1-2 weeks to process and print your order.

4. Due to print restrictions, Lulu.com is unable to print the entire Precalculus book in one volume.

Hence, we have broken the text into two parts:

College Algebra (Chapters 1-9) and College Trigonometry (Chapters 10 and 11).

5. We hereby grant academic institutions permission to print the .pdfs in-house for use in their schools and we allow for bookstores to sell any printed copies of our textbooks with the usual mark-up to recover costs.

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